Europapräsident Franz Heffeter trifft Weltpräsidentin Annette Cardenas

Skal Europe President Franz Heffeter met SI World President Annette Cardenas in Munich when she arrived from  some great days in Italy visiting Skal Venezia and Skal Roma. President Annette expressed her support to the activities of Skal Europe and again show how impressed she is of the visibility and especially of the impact of our Social Media postings.


Skal Germany President Jo Jungwirth, Skal Munich President Franziska Duering and Europe President Franz Heffeter could discuss matters of international importance with her and strongly recommended to abolish the Non Disclosure Agreement which has to be signed by board members. The aim is to show more

transparency and to make Skal a better and more democratic organisation. Concerning the permanent loss of membership

internationally the Europeans congratulated President Annette to having finalized the new membership category of Culture and Arts. I big issue is how to make Skal a lean and dynamic association focussed on membership needs and not on complicated statutes and By-Laws. President Anette explained that she is

working also on these topics and is in contact with upcoming President Denise Scrafton from Australia.


Skal Europe Area Committee is also analysing the cooperation activities of the candidates for Vice President especially concerning the challenges mentioned above.

In comparison Director Mohan showed an impressive dedication to go with the European ideas. He actively searched contact with President Franz during the whole time of  his directorship already and gave all the necessary information for our team which was a completely new and positive experience. We are sure that he will continue on this path if he is elected as Vice President International.

By the way, Franz also celebrated his birthday on this very even

ing together with President Annette and the German hosts and his wife Brigitte. The photos show that Skal is not just working but also enjoying life. Happy birthday, Franz!

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